Presidents Corner

Welcome to the EOD Motorcycle Club website. There is general information here on the homepage, but to interact with members and have access to the forums you need to register (you do not have to be EOD to register on the forums) we also encourage you to visit the EODMC Facebook Page. The EOD Motorcycle club is a recognized 501(c)(19) Charitable Veterans’ Organization. Our members spend countless hours volunteering their time and efforts raising money and supporting the EOD community any way we can. We do not have any paid employees and we work to give back to the EOD community where assistance is needed.  Just like EOD, joining a Motorcycle Club takes a great deal of commitment, dedication, and hard work. Also, just like the EOD badge, our patches are Earned and never given. We believe in the old-school Brotherhood that EOD emulates worldwide. We honor our legacy and those that made the ultimate sacrifice so our families may sleep in peace. We will extend our hand and offer respect to everyone and we expect the same in return. Any EOD friend or family is always welcome to go for a ride with us and welcome to any of our events.  If you think you have what it takes to join, then find a member and ask. If you just want to drop in and say hi, then please do so. Hope to see you on the road!